Saturday, December 14, 2013

I was shocked to discover today that there is no generic way to save an object to a file in Java.
There is this thing called the Serializable interface, but it doesn't work well with complex objects -
like parameterized objects where the parameters are complex objects themselves.
My example: An instantiation of DirectedSparseGraph < Vertex, Edge >

Anyway.. while programming today, and thinking about search problems,
I was thinking how the universe from particles to atoms to molecules to brains
is now evolving, through the internet and search algorithms, to one big brain
where the individual neurons themselves are complex and self-aware -
knowing they are in this brain and able to change the way they connect to other neurons
when there is need.

And how this brain is evolving to be used to solve a new level of mathematical problems,
or explore the next level of musical compositions.

I am also thinking now that quinoa seeds are wusses.
If you put them in a pan of hot water with over things - like lentils or oats,
they will not take any of the water until the other things are done using it.

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