Thursday, April 25, 2013

I close my eyes,
and imagine demons around me are angels.

I see the ball of light behind their eyes,
their thoughts and mine touch,
they go to battle in an ancient forest,
that we have never left.

Freed from all distractions,
the real battle of souls continues,
after falling a thousand times,
we march again.

Colors are sharp.
Spears are sharp, penetrating.
Stakes are high,
the cries of battle drown cynicism immediately.

Freed from all comforting illusions,
the battle for your soul desperately continues.
Fearing being imprisoned again,
you run, this time into your enemy, not away from him.
We have misconceptions about what is good for us and what not,
because we keep forgetting to ask the most basic question
`When I am in situation X, is what is going on in my body pleasant or unpleasant?'
In the middle of work, you get caught up in a sexual fantasy.
All your attention is in that thought, and none of it is in your body.
You assume it is basically pleasant,
but if you actually observe what is going on in your body at that
moment, you would feel mainly tension, contraction, discontent.
When you notice that, as you are not consciously masochistic, the
energy behind that thought automatically weakens.
This is how you can explore the natural law.
Whatever physical or mental action you take, see if it generates pleasant or unpleasant sensations in the body.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

All is well,
no need to say you're sorry.

It's all OK,
there was no other way
it could be.

It's all so well.
It's waiting all for you.
On the galaxy circus,
the gods were watching him,
walking on the tight rope stretched from the moon to the sun.
His challenge was not to lose his balance as the heat grew.
It was the test they all passed to become masters of space.

It was a huge effort of mind over matter,
and with each step, the matter of his body
become lighter, less dense.

Though he met the Buddha,
who told him there was nothing but disappointment
outside of this narrow path,
that was not what drove him.

In the back of his mind,
the astral connection he once made
on earth was still guiding his steps.

He fantasized about having only his astral body left,
so that their union could be more real, more complete.

Perhaps it was a trick that the Buddha planted deep in his mind.
For by the time he reached the sun, he saw not one unique angel,
but millions shining equally as bright.

Monday, April 08, 2013

The universe does not give you what you want,
because it wants you to grow into something larger.
You have an idea in your head
`I will marry this girl. I will have this job.
Everything will be perfect'
You don't get the girl..or you don't get the job..
or you get both but also get some terrible disease with them.
You are forced to broaden your concept of who you are,
of what life is supposed to be.
You are stretched in every direction.
How much the stretching is torture, and how much it
is an adventure, depends on your ability to not resist.
How much effort it takes to not do anything!
Because it is so against your habbit.
You must choose your environment well.
Find the few beings who are already aligned with the evolutionary impulse of expansion,
who are engulfed in a deep positive vibration.
Be influenced by them.
It is a narrow path that leads to heaven.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Sitting for many hours in a meditation course,
you keep trying to find the comfortable way sit -
an extra cushion on your knee, another cushion to pull your butt up,
then you try less cushions.
Maybe the same thing happens in life on a larger scale -
you try to be with feel trapped, then you try to be with yourself..
after a while you feel lonely.
The basic sense of discontent always finds the place where it can
Like when you sit meditating in a certain posture, there will be some point
on your leg, or behind, or somewhere where there is more pressure being put,
and the physical discomfort can manifest there.
As a friend recently said to me, we need to enjoy the imperfectness of life.
That imperfection always manifests somehow, in any situation, and it is always the doorway through which true dissolvement  of that basic sense of discontent can happen.

It is better to hear it from a master

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