Sunday, May 30, 2010

The things that with time have become dear to me;
words written on a crumpled page at a moment of despair,
unexpectedly transformed into beauty,
when the soul recognized for a moment how its journey is
leaving its unique mark on an eternal canvas.

A room where mundane lonely boring moments passed. Nothing but
a table, chair and a carpet, will be remembered as a
place of creation and rejuvenation; an important stop on a legendary journey.

A piece of music being heard again and again, without ever being fully grasped,
is understood in hindsight as a Zen koan, not meant to be figured out, but
just to lead the soul in a discovery of something else.

This unique story I am to live. This one reflection out of trillions I am assigned to be..
my truest nature is in that reflection.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My friend, how we are at the mercy of our emotions.
Sitting here alone I feel love towards you,
waiting to share warm and intimate moments with you.
But who knows what storm will be upon me when we actually meet.
I may very well be cold, distant and angry at you.
I wonder, is it pointless to try to gain any satisfaction from each other?
It seems inevitable that we only share dull empty moments.
That always one of us, if not both us, will be trapped in his inner agony when
we meet.
Could you help find the inspiration to fight this inner agony?
Can you convince me the light at the other end is worth the journey?
How will you convince a slave to revolt against his master?
Can you ensure him will be any happier when he is free?
Perhaps, he will endure a harsh battle, only to end up serving another master,
no better than the first?

The answer comes..
What is always worthwhile in this world?
Any expression of the pure mental qualities:
Strength, truth, love.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I think of my love everyday and
plan my conquest.
Meanwhile, of those who love me, I say
`why spend your time in a doomed battle?
My mind is set so rigidly. Your maneuvers at best scratch
its outer walls, yet you rejoice with every scratch inflicted.'
Why do we seek an impenetrable fortress, to hack at its walls for all our lives?
If we continue this way, in the lives to come we will be nothing but rocks and mountains.
To save our kingdom, a hero among us must volunteer to leave the fortress,
and be cut into pieces by the starved mob.
Their fire will be consumed. The whole world outside will be destroyed by that fire;
and that hero will be free forever.

Monday, May 03, 2010

I cry, you cry
everybody crying.

I die, you die
everybody dying.

I reach out, you reach out
everybody reaching out.

I miss, you miss
everybody missing.

I reach out to you,
only when I know you are reaching out to him.

You reach out to him,
only when you know he is reaching out to outer space.

You're in line, I'm in line,
everybody in line.

He's walking, She's walking,
everybody in the same direction.

1st in line falling into the abyss, 2nd falling into the abyss
everybody faithful.

I fear hell, you fear hell,
everybody fearful, everybody faithful.

I bribe the keeper of heaven's gate, you bribe the keeper of heaven's gate,
everybody greedy, everybody fearful, everybody faithful.

I want to be happy, you want to be happy.

I am happy when you are happy,
you are happy when he is happy.

Who will volunteer to be happy first?
Who will give up being faithful, fearful and greedy?

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