Monday, May 03, 2010

I cry, you cry
everybody crying.

I die, you die
everybody dying.

I reach out, you reach out
everybody reaching out.

I miss, you miss
everybody missing.

I reach out to you,
only when I know you are reaching out to him.

You reach out to him,
only when you know he is reaching out to outer space.

You're in line, I'm in line,
everybody in line.

He's walking, She's walking,
everybody in the same direction.

1st in line falling into the abyss, 2nd falling into the abyss
everybody faithful.

I fear hell, you fear hell,
everybody fearful, everybody faithful.

I bribe the keeper of heaven's gate, you bribe the keeper of heaven's gate,
everybody greedy, everybody fearful, everybody faithful.

I want to be happy, you want to be happy.

I am happy when you are happy,
you are happy when he is happy.

Who will volunteer to be happy first?
Who will give up being faithful, fearful and greedy?

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