Sunday, December 04, 2011

How many zillions of times do we need to repeat a mistake, to
know it's a mistake?
How many eons do we need to dwell in darkness to realize only the
Dhamma can save us?
How strong a fire does it take to create a mind committed to escaping it?
I feel like just a passenger in this stream of mind.
If it must be slow let me try to enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

we suddenly woke up to find our fists clenched tightly.
We assumed we had precious diamonds in our hands and held onto them through thousands of years of wind, rain and sun.
Ultimately, battling an infinite world with finite will, we were forced to reveal our palms.
As the diamonds flew in the wind they turned to dust.
But life is harder than a fairytale.. and our fear of losing diamonds
did not magically fly away with them.
Only when despair reached an unbearable climax,
a line was carved deep enough into our minds.
Light could shine through the crack,
we are still in the dark..but now we know the way out.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Changing Behaviour

You can do anything you set your mine to..
but how to set your mind to something is an interesting subtle process
requiring effort and time,
that is sometimes brushed under the rug and treated as a minor detail.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Music lost to my ears,
it blends into the crowd like an echo of a lost time..
a time repeated blindly in empty gestures,
mechanically we dance to the same tune..
How we will be startled and awakened in that distant future when
the voice of a new saviour will remind us of the power of a
single note, played without confusion, when that
note is the direct complement of the silence from which it came.
The gong is struck again, and it shakes the universe..
For a moment the world opens its eyes and ears, and you fly
in space, walk through the bottom of an ocean, pass through the heart
of the planet, sit on the surface of the sun, just through the power of
your own clarity.

Monday, October 03, 2011

It occurred to me there is a snowball effect in interacting with the other sex: We are not authentic because we are afraid of getting hurt, and because we are not authentic we create discomfort in the other side that manifests in negative responses that hurt us.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Return of a KING

Thrown out of hell,
haven't landed anywhere yet.

Floating in limbo, dark stars around.

Shadows are the bars of your prison cell.
Thrown out of hell, haven't landed anywhere.

Preparing for the return of the king,
where new freedom will be revealed.

Coming out of the clouds he will say,
your slate is clean.

You find you are on soft ground.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A moment of sunlight

every night the demons arise,
and every day there is at least a moment of sunlight,
in which I take a small step piercing the darkness
by the time I return to the void demons will be far away from me

a moment of sunlight in the evening goes to all the
rouge souls.. at the end of a day I see what stays with me
from all the choices made. I see what makes a mark on a nameless
soul. The moment you chose to smile to a stranger in need.
The moment you chose to breathe to the fake smiles around
The tempted mind that talks to blind itself to the world

A moment of sunlight in the evening goes to all
determined souls..
at the wake of the night I see what stays with me
from the debts of my name..I see what weights of the past
have been lifted from my heart.
The weight of regret of a bold action not taken
The weight of insisting on another gold coin
The contracted mind that seeks to protect itself from the world

A moment of sunlight when the dawn comes goes to all
evolving souls..
at the rise of a day I see what's come to me
from the infinite void
a strength to walk through a thorny road
A clarity that dispels a cloud above
A wind that flows like a river of love.

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