Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wired in, we are at the mercy of the chains we created.
I ask for mercy. I ask for a miracle I do not deserve.

I am fed constantly, wired in, constant feedback.
Nothing new will ever be needed.
The matrix can survive forever.
It requires only the ability to react endlessly to the same
I don't dream of rain anymore, and am surprised that
tears of beauty can still fall from my cheeks.
Perhaps there is an essence that cannot be erased.
No sin can taint god.
Lengthening the journey by decillions of years does not shake

An essence hidden by the time I get to the next line.
Feelings of eternity become meaningless after a second of anxiety.
Again, I try to stick the tubes deeper inside me. Eternity is just
abstract for me now, and I trade it for a second's relief.

I have heard of liberation, but have not witnessed something that
would make me give up the comforting matrix.

Is there something worthwhile between the lines?
I don't know and have no preferred answer at this moment.

At this moment I would give up the part of me asking the question.
`Why didn't I take the blue pill?'
`Like a splinter in my mind'
Forces in my mind take me one step to the left,
and then to the right.

Monday, April 26, 2010

No satisfaction,
in the crumbs I gather,
from your table,
that you missed in a moment of distraction.
I make them my main course,
and live like a hungry ghost,

Won't you give your heart completely ,
in this moment we share?
End a thousand years of hunger,
which I've been serving faithfully.

No satisfaction,
in the shadow of your beauty,
only a faint memory,
a copy of a copy

Won't you be with me completely,
in this moment we must share?
going on like hungry ghosts,
you share my sentence without need.

No satisfaction, in the crumbs I gather
from a shadow of the world I used to live in.
Lift me to a higher plane,
fill me with your attention,
You know we lift each other up.

`Come on to me, with all the life inside you,
I will give you what you need, I know by now I must.'

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