Sunday, May 26, 2013

regret of missed opportunities, of missed pleasures..
frustration at the unfairness of it,
torture a man..keep him running, keep him from breathing,
he cannot accept a world where his desire is not met,
it is unbearable.

He is in a nightmare, running away from a monster and chasing a beautiful princess.
The memory of her beauty and the ferocity of the monster keep him consumed in chasing and running.
He has the idea in his mind `The only real solution is to wake up!'.. but he does not know if he believes it right now.
To see if it is true, he must stop and sit, at the risk of losing the princess and being eaten by the monster.
Sit and return to the basics.. what are the basic realities?
There is pain, and freedom from pain.. at the depth of his experience those are the only options.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

מה נשאר, 
ממילים שנראו כל כך חשובות?
הן נשכחו על ידיך ועל ידי.
ובידי לא נשאר שום סימן,
שהן אי פעם היו קדושות.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Memories, don't go easily,
they only pass to rise again.
How strong the illusion,
that times were perfect,
and could be again.

(picture from:
I just needed to add some picture, cause blogger can't upload just audio..this is a picture of the first discourse given by the Buddha after his enlightenment, after which it is said, the entire universe shook, and the wheel of Dhamma started rolling)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

We judge each other,
for the faults we fear finding in ourselves.
There is no point in forcing polite conversation,
it would only be an insult.
But walking back and forth in the same corridor,
each with his own thoughts,
I know we are brothers.
How strong the reluctance to risk losing social value is.
You would expect that perhaps a girl would not want to kiss a guy
acting weird that she doesn't know.
But what's interesting in this video, is that also guys refuse to kiss a
beautiful girl, when she is acting in a way that is `weird', like she is one of the outcasts
they do not want to associate with (see e.g. 2:25 below)

Monday, May 06, 2013

We don't want to look at ourselves.
And what are we? Just a stream of thoughts, emotions, physical sensations.
We are very selective.
We are willing to acknowledge we are this stream, only when very
particular thoughts, emotions and sensations are there.
So we take a peek only in situations where we are guaranteed
to find those particular thoughts and emotions, like when we get a caffeine boost.
Like someone who is uncomfortable with a certain part of his body,
constantly tries to look away, and instead imagines the perfect flat stomach.
True peace, true confidence comes, when every moment you are aware and comfortable with the fact that you are this stream..containing positive and negative thoughts and emotions, pleasant and unpleasant sensations.
When you do not try to pretend you are something other than this stream, you feel comfortable with anyone, in any situation.

Friday, May 03, 2013

He knew he was still too weak,
he would keep losing this battle.
So in a deal with an angel,
he gave up his free will.
He voluntarily put himself in a prison,
with no stimulation, only his darkness appeared.
For thousands of years, he would repeatedly practice facing his sadness, facing his despair.
Time passed, he forgot who he was, forgot  there was any other place in the world besides
this dark hole,
that this was only a training ground.
He would become the diamond that is forged in the depth of the earth,
were only pressure and solid ground exists, no air to float in.
These minds who chose this path, were not regular diamonds.
They grew in a black hole where pressure gradually became infinite.

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