Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just replying to an email,
it suddenly feels so right.. so meant to be
Like everything that happens is another indication, another step,
another lesson, leading you to this destiny that seems like such a
cliche fantasy that everybody falls for.
Dealing with an annoying friend, being bossed around by a crazy drugged girl,
all started with some breathing and looking, and stories of fat Rabbi and a
bloodthirsty gentile girl..used as tools for incarnated spirits longing to unite..
leading you to lying down in a parked car holding hands with the sits pulled all the way back,
listening to Sting and thinking .. I wish I could reach those notes! I will reach them
when I reach you.
Trying to be in the moment, enjoying this, and not be carried away by akwardness as a Rabbi and his son walk by on this strange scene.
I succeed for quite a few moments, and carry with me to sleep this full satisfying feeling, that you planted the seed for..

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I cannot fight the urge
to talk to you,
even if it is infront of the whole world.
And say to the world,
I have never met anyone..
like you!

A guy and a girl

`Do you feel like picking up my friend and going to this place?'
`Yeah.. we can do that'
`OK.. do you really want to?'
`Yeah that's fine'
`You don't say anything clear. Just tell me what you're really thinking!'
`OK... I guess I'm thinking it would be nice to go to my apartment and make out,
and I'm not crazy about your friend either'
`What!! How can you say such things. You need to learn to speak with more tact!'

Friday, February 22, 2013

Everybody KNOWS you want to fuck,
Everybody KNOWS you want attention,
Everybody KNOWS you want validation,

So what's the point of all these stupid pretenses!!

Cause everybody is JUST THE SAMEE!

Hiding your thoughts all day..
your thoughts are anyway IN THE AIR

and you know Google KNOWS where you browse at 2am!!
Write with me..
what we have left is words through space,
a thin line connecting us through a thousand miles.
What does it matter?
You know I am already here,
Your tragedy and biggest hope.
Don't resist this process we both need.
You can deny it, say it's childish, unhealthy,
but it only comes back stronger..
Don't be afraid to be an attention seeking little child with me.
Love you..

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The moments we shared,
are precious gems,
gems of memory.
With time and distance it is easier
to appreciate and enjoy them for what they were...
you cannot force magic to perform according to your invented schedule now it is a little easier to just sit back and enjoy the show:-)
New morning.. opportunities are endless..
lack of faith prevents us from seizing them.
We think `All this will burn by the afternoon anyway'.
But all this will be rebuilt by tomorrow morning, according to what you are designing now!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some girl are just egomaniacs.
They  go around thinking `all guys are such superficial jerks'
They're so much into thinking that that they pull you into it, and you find yourself
acting like a superficial jerk. You do it half as a joke, cause you cannot believe
that this girl really thinks this is all you are about.
But then you discover `wow! She wasn't in on my joke. She thinks I'm a complete idiot, and
is giving herself a stroke on the ego by thinking of me like  that'
Well.. it's your boring repetitive life.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Glimpses of light,
we were prepared for only glimpses.
Each drop we created fuels a week of searching,
we are instruments in a task so different  than
what we imagine to be doing.
The forest grows through our actions, while
we are preoccupied sitting at our desks, with our repetitive worries.
The fantasy of control, breaks down again and again.
What keeps us together I do not understand.
The master takes control once a day,
to make us build this house we will in our old age share.
We are creatures of habit and addiction,
that will not change anytime soon..
our best strategy is to use it to our advantage:
get addicted to peace, get addicted to freedom,
get addicted to energy, to fun, get addicted to socializing,
addicted to intense focus, addicted to clarity.

The more you taste them, the more your addictive nature works in your favor.
The art of letting go,
how good it feels when you do,
how confident it makes you feel,
knowing that it is a skill you can develop,
a healthy state you can get addicted to,
knowing you are heading towards a place,
where you do not depend on anyone..
Perhaps an empty place?
A small sacrifice of a fantasy for peace in reality.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

constantly tortured by your own thoughts,
looking for solutions in repetitive cycles - a positive viewpoint, then a negative viewpoint,
`maybe it was a good experience? or maybe it was a tragedy? it will work out!... no, nothing ever changes!'

What joy there is in moments you break free..
then you can truly dance!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

My Darling,

I am constantly surprised by the strength of this magnetic pull, drawing me to you;
looking for any reason, any excuse, any way, to feel close to you.
I am constantly in a dilemma: is that strength a sign it is my destiny to follow that pull?
Or is my challenge to learn how to not resist it, but let it run through the world, while I stay here in my peace.
Sometimes I hear you say to me `Don't resist, don't be in pain, just accept my love. Accept the world's love. Don't make the world into your enemy.'

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