Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just replying to an email,
it suddenly feels so right.. so meant to be
Like everything that happens is another indication, another step,
another lesson, leading you to this destiny that seems like such a
cliche fantasy that everybody falls for.
Dealing with an annoying friend, being bossed around by a crazy drugged girl,
all started with some breathing and looking, and stories of fat Rabbi and a
bloodthirsty gentile girl..used as tools for incarnated spirits longing to unite..
leading you to lying down in a parked car holding hands with the sits pulled all the way back,
listening to Sting and thinking .. I wish I could reach those notes! I will reach them
when I reach you.
Trying to be in the moment, enjoying this, and not be carried away by akwardness as a Rabbi and his son walk by on this strange scene.
I succeed for quite a few moments, and carry with me to sleep this full satisfying feeling, that you planted the seed for..

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