Thursday, September 26, 2013

F to E

Another experiment:
Bach would never transition from F Major to E Major.
It's totally unclassical.

But we let the computer search for a way to get from one to the other,
using only Bach transitions from BWV 1.6.
I found it works smoother than I would expect.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Chorale Salad

I've been experimenting with using a database of bach works to create tools for composers.
I'm just starting out, but here's a cute computer generated result:
Starts from Chorale of BWV1 and goes crazy from there :)

Faster example:
The meeting with her changed his DNA.
Like a deep reflex embedded in his system.
Any moment of any day if he would be asked
`Do you have faith that you will reunite?'
`Can you feel her presence?'
An instant `Yes' would come from deep within.
One of the best TED talks I've seen.
We get used to thinking of technology as finding faster ways
to connect my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account.
We underestimate it and make it cheap. We should remember it gives us the power not to take anything about our current lifestyle for granted.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Changing, transforming.

Wow! It's fun when ideas have been in your head for a while, and then someone else articulates it perfectly, and gives you the missing pieces.

Relying on willpower for long term change, you see with people around, mainly leads to guilt feelings when it fails. (Though motivation\will-power can be an aiding factor - as explained nicely in the middle of the below talk.)

The key is tiny, tiny, and *consistent* changes.
The piece I  tend to forget - the *reward*: say `I'm awesome!' after you floss one tooth, or do one push up.

The piece I never thought of - the *trigger* - commit to doing a tiny thing, after something you are already consistently doing: this guy's example : 2 pushups after flushing the toilet.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This love hurts only if I resist it,
but I rarely do anymore.
I let it be my fuel, my engine,
moving me forward with every heartbeat.
Every moment getting more positive, more emotionally independent.

This love is that extra push for crossing the threshold from
`Let's try to be comfortable till we die'
to `Let's transform (and perhaps die on the way)'

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Going deep

so easy to avoid, but so simple.

Just using the technology of an alarm clock, you only need to say,
for half an hour, I will only work on this song, and I will avoid the
familiar escape routes:
I'll play the song from start to finish, not avoiding the parts I don't know
what to do in yet.
I'll go through the parts I'm not happy with yet, and straighten them out like with an iron.
I won't start playing something else I already know when I get impatient.

Just 30 minutes like this, so easy to avoid doing once even in 365 days of 24 hours.
But just 30 minutes like this, guaranteed to bring you new discoveries every time.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

What is the east meets west path from dependence to independence? A step on the right foot: 'You can achieve what you wanted!', a step on the left foot: 'But you are also fine without it!'.
Souls break, hearts break,
pain is experienced beyond imaginary thresholds;
and yet life is not a fairytale, and the music does not stop
or miss a beat each time a tear is shed.
Life has its own plans to take us further than any Disney movie ending.

You always seem only a few steps away,
 whispering in my ear: 'move on! move on!'
 but you are a mirage always staying in the horizon,
 a trick I play on myself to move on, move on.
..and you whisper: '..getting closer..'.

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