Friday, February 22, 2008

Deleting a file- a simple example of how bad windows vista is

I'd like to share the vista expereince I had last night that has made
me decide to check out linux. A simple example- no 'incompatible drivers' or stuff like that.
I go to this website where there's a link to an mpeg (video) file I want to see. I click on it to open it- the options I get are save or cancel- no open-for some reason Windows media player can't open it online. I save it, then play it with windows media player-it's fine. Now I try to delete the file-windows says the file is corrupted and can't be deleted!(Because Vista always wants the bad files to stay on the compuer?)
I close the media player thinking maybe that's confusing the system, try to delete again.. same answer, try to cut and copy into the recycle bin.. again same answer!
I think OK.. let's change the file to a text file-maybe then it can be deleted. The file name does not contain file type , I go into the properties of the file- file type cannot be changed! I think OK let's use the 'open with' option and open it with notepad anyway and simply select all the data and delete it.. Vista says I can only open it with notepad by making notepad the default program for mpeg files!
I go to the main menu where I expect to see notepad as a shortcut- as I just used it-it's not there- After the menus open up I find notepad and open it
(though I understand there's a nice method in Vista of just typing the first letters of 'notepad'-didn't work for me in any case)
I open the file, select all and delete and save.
Now I try to delete the empty file now containing 0 bytes!.. The file is still on my computer.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Boredom and Panic

It sometimes seems I live my life alternating between bordeom and panic. I
have this routine-that's not that interesting-and not that important-nothing tragic will
happen if I stop doing my job- On the one hand since it's academia stopping to work is ofcouse no reason to fire someone or not paying him, and on the other hand noone will suffer as a result of me stopping to work-as I work so slowly that it would not make a distinguishable difference to anyone. Still, If anything happens that disrupts the routine-like now- a car problem that's detaining me from going to the library-cause I simply cannot do math at home-it seems unnautral, then I feel how attached I am to the routine when the panic starts to spread:
'Oh my god! I won't have 8 hours to sit in the library today and read another page and a half of a cryptic paper!'

The death of desire

,לפני שבאתי לכאן
נגזר עלי לאהוב כמו מלאך
.בלי לגעת, רק לעודד מהצד

וקול מהעבר לוחש לי, מי שרוצה להגיע רחוק
.צריך לוותר, ואתה כבר חתמת על ההסכם

,אחרי שהגעתי לכאן
התפתתי אלפי פעמים
.אל תוך השריפה שממנה ניסיתי לברוח
רק לגלות שוב ושוב, שעבורי, רק אפר נשאר
.בלי עונג, בלי חום

וקול מהעבר לוחש לי, מי שרוצה להגיע רחוק
.צריך לוותר, ואתה כבר חתמת על ההסכם

,לפני שאלך מכאן
.אקבור את עצמי סופית
,כי כבר אי אפשר להתכחש
.שלשם כך באתי לכאן

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