Saturday, February 09, 2008

Boredom and Panic

It sometimes seems I live my life alternating between bordeom and panic. I
have this routine-that's not that interesting-and not that important-nothing tragic will
happen if I stop doing my job- On the one hand since it's academia stopping to work is ofcouse no reason to fire someone or not paying him, and on the other hand noone will suffer as a result of me stopping to work-as I work so slowly that it would not make a distinguishable difference to anyone. Still, If anything happens that disrupts the routine-like now- a car problem that's detaining me from going to the library-cause I simply cannot do math at home-it seems unnautral, then I feel how attached I am to the routine when the panic starts to spread:
'Oh my god! I won't have 8 hours to sit in the library today and read another page and a half of a cryptic paper!'

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neko said...

Best description of my life I've seen in a while... Maybe except the series of ~15 PhD comics strips that starts here:

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