Monday, July 30, 2012

My love,
will I have another chance to sing looking into your eyes?
Preferably the corniest love songs.
Will our hearts meet again to expand together? Or are our paths destined stay separate from now on?
I focus on finding happiness here and now,
but once in a while I pray for more magical moments to share.

To quote westlife
`I'm reaching for a love that seems so far..
`So I say a little prayer, and hope my dreams will take me there,
where the skies are blue, to see you once again my love'
`....over seas from coast to coast.. to see you once again my love'
amazing how every love song seems to be exactly about you,
exactly true.

rings so true, by westlife.. wish I could write like this.
`If I let you go, I will never know,
what my life would be holding you close to me.
Will I ever see you smiling back at me?
How will I know, if I let you go?

night after night I hear myself say, why can't this feeling just go away?
There's no one like you, you speak to my heart
it's such a shame we're worlds apart
I'm too shy to ask (well.. don't identify with this specific line.. maybe `I'm to shy to ask for the 20th time')
I'm too proud to lose (well.. actually I would easily let go of that pride if we could make out on a  regular basis),
but sooner or later I gotta choose
and once again I'm thinking about taking the easy way out

`But if I let you go, I will never know,
what my life would be holding you close to me.
Will I ever see you smiling back at me?
How will I know, if I let you go?

..OK well actually rereading it now I think it's about a slightly different situation than I was thinking of,
but still most of it resonates with me.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Inner demons

whisper in your head
`let your emotions rule you'
`wait another day before doing what you should'
`don't even try to reach out to a hostile world'

while they think in their heads
`let us rule you'
`let us control you for another day'
`don't even try to break out of our hostile world'
`keep wasting your time, till the end of this incarnation, till the end of your opportunity,
when inner demons will again become outer demons, inner hell will again become outer hell'

We must focus on taking a small step away from hell each day, and be happy with that. Each day transform a particle of negativity to a particle of love,peace, happiness.
Particles accumulate. Consistent action pays off.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

When you have no peace, it seems like a million things need to be just right for you to find it.
But at a moment when you experience peace, you know that peace is all that is needed for peace.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

making plans, living in dreams,
our bodies and subconscious carry us in a different direction.
I try to merge conscious and subconscious, rather than living in a fantasy

Friday, July 06, 2012

Waking up suddenly, we vow to never fall under
the spell of evil again.
But the ocean's waves are so high , and
we sink below, not knowing how many years will pass
till our heads are above the water again.
The memory of fresh air, must direct us upwards,
prevent us from filling our lungs with dirty water.
That memory will keep one particle of our lungs sheltered,
until the time it is ready to manifest again.

Dormant gods have moments of hope.
Dormant Buddhas have no need for water or air.
Their hope is like stone.
In a battle for the heart of an angel, we should both lose,
so that she is never conquered, and can shine on us all.

In our quest to kill a demon, we should give up immediately or
she will start possessing us.

In an attempt to break out of this prison, we should die a 1000 times,
each time releasing one of the demons or angels that lives within us.

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