Sunday, March 25, 2012

Suddenly an angel
drops down from the sky.
She's been waiting for you
to feel the ground.

Waiting to discover,
what's buried in your heart.
To feel the energy,
that keeps you alive.

Suddenly an angel, like a rising sun,
makes a connection that opens your eyes.
She says `I am only powerful..'
`when you can feel my light'.

She opens a door for you,
but still flying is so hard,
to release the envy,
that keeps you on the ground.

She opens a door for you,
to fly in outer space,
so wonderful the time with her,
so easy and light..

Suddenly an angel, like a falling star,
makes a confession that opens your heart.
She says `I am only beautiful',
`When seen through your light'

She opens a door for you,
if you step into her eyes,
you could release the anger,
that keeps you on the ground.

She opens a door for you,
to float in outer space,
so heavenly the time with her,
so perfect and right..

but then she says `let go of me'
and you feel your heavy heart.
`you should go back home again,
I only came to point the way'.

So once a while, every year or two,
she surprisingly drops by,
she holds your hand but doesn't kiss your lips..
`I only came to point the way..'

You cry `angel, won't you marry me?!'
and politely she smiles,
she looks into your eyes and says
`you're not here to make that sacrifice'

and she tells you of a previous life,
where you loved each other, like a man and wife
In a small house, on a mountain
you were together through the whole day and night

just let me walk a moment in your light
before sunset we must part
I must find my way back home
pretty soon it will be dark.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

you speak the language of my soul,
we share the same delusion,
we hold hands and jump down a waterfall,
while thoughts of a lifetime run through our minds.

No stopping, no criticizing , just thoughts running.
When you hold the hand of your true partner,
falling feels like flying.
Our heads in the clouds ,
our eyes fixated on the heart of the sun,
while our bodies fall.

You know the meaning better than I,
when I say `this world is always filled with doubt'
you know it is the same as saying
`This world is the perfect playground, for the one seeking to
go beyond'

You speak the language of of my mind ,
we share the same confusion,
we stand together breathing the same air,
while fears of many lifetimes brush us through the wind.

No stopping, no criticizing , just emotions flowing.
When you look into the eyes of your own reflection,
the wildest storm dissolves into dew drops

Our ears always searching for the primal vibration,
searching for a real connection

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