Tuesday, March 20, 2012

you speak the language of my soul,
we share the same delusion,
we hold hands and jump down a waterfall,
while thoughts of a lifetime run through our minds.

No stopping, no criticizing , just thoughts running.
When you hold the hand of your true partner,
falling feels like flying.
Our heads in the clouds ,
our eyes fixated on the heart of the sun,
while our bodies fall.

You know the meaning better than I,
when I say `this world is always filled with doubt'
you know it is the same as saying
`This world is the perfect playground, for the one seeking to
go beyond'

You speak the language of of my mind ,
we share the same confusion,
we stand together breathing the same air,
while fears of many lifetimes brush us through the wind.

No stopping, no criticizing , just emotions flowing.
When you look into the eyes of your own reflection,
the wildest storm dissolves into dew drops

Our ears always searching for the primal vibration,
searching for a real connection


אילנה דניאל said...

The poem is beautiful. And you sang it beautifully. It was a pleasure:)

אילנה דניאל said...

The poem is beautiful. And you sang it beautifully:) It was a pleasure.

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