Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bach with giant steps

To not forget : reminding myself : next project is to make music with bach -chorale based transitions that passes through all chords of Coltrane's Giant steps.

With everything so pleasant.. the tendency to grasp at the impermanent arises..
but it is clearer by now.. there is nothing in that grasping but pain and tension

Monday, October 14, 2013

The threshold moment

I find that everyday for me has a `threshold moment' - a moment where, if I don't do my evening meditation now, I will not do it at all, or do it while being half asleep. There are thoughts - ohh so many things to do.. why stop now, can do it later. But from experience, after the threshold passes, you get caught up in all the events and tasks that come.
Need to remember - all the tasks you've completed and events you've attended will not give you anything in the end of this life.
All that matters in the end of this life - how much mental defilements you have eradicated. Your mental conditioning and karma - that is what you will carry onwards.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

More random walks

these ones from a `degree-2- markov chain': each 3 consecutive quarters are from some Bach Chorale

Monday, October 07, 2013

Random walks on Bach Graph

A computer generated short piece, where each transition was chosen randomly from a set of transitions from Bach chorales. A friend of mine did an experiment playing it to musician friends without telling them the source. Reaction was `hmm.. it kind of sounds like Bach, but not exactly, some other composer'.
I wonder if that's considered passing the Turing test? Does the person have to know in advance there's a chance he's talking to a computer.. or needs, from his own initiative to say `something feels weird here'..
maybe the second version is kind of a weak version of the Turing test.
Anyway, my intention is not to complement the program (which is just a random walk) but more Bach - who is so precise that even taking a context of one step back, no more, produces coherent things.
I think more interesting than imitating Bach  is intentionally taking some elements fro him, while ignoring\modifying others, to generate new directions.

You are in love.
It is like a drug,
but by now you know to enjoy it like a cloud..
enjoy it's beauty.. but never make it into your refuge.
It's fleeting beauty cannot give you protection, but rather the awareness of it's fleetingness.

From a life fluctuating between enjoying and suffering,
you move to a life fluctuating between enjoying and spiritual practice.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

S. N. Goenka passed away a few days ago. Below is a wonderful talk by him.
I find that life proves to me again and again, how good and relevant his teaching was. Mainly because it was not `his' - just a pure passing on, without interference, without adding and subtracting.


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