Monday, October 07, 2013

Random walks on Bach Graph

A computer generated short piece, where each transition was chosen randomly from a set of transitions from Bach chorales. A friend of mine did an experiment playing it to musician friends without telling them the source. Reaction was `hmm.. it kind of sounds like Bach, but not exactly, some other composer'.
I wonder if that's considered passing the Turing test? Does the person have to know in advance there's a chance he's talking to a computer.. or needs, from his own initiative to say `something feels weird here'..
maybe the second version is kind of a weak version of the Turing test.
Anyway, my intention is not to complement the program (which is just a random walk) but more Bach - who is so precise that even taking a context of one step back, no more, produces coherent things.
I think more interesting than imitating Bach  is intentionally taking some elements fro him, while ignoring\modifying others, to generate new directions.

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