Monday, May 06, 2013

We don't want to look at ourselves.
And what are we? Just a stream of thoughts, emotions, physical sensations.
We are very selective.
We are willing to acknowledge we are this stream, only when very
particular thoughts, emotions and sensations are there.
So we take a peek only in situations where we are guaranteed
to find those particular thoughts and emotions, like when we get a caffeine boost.
Like someone who is uncomfortable with a certain part of his body,
constantly tries to look away, and instead imagines the perfect flat stomach.
True peace, true confidence comes, when every moment you are aware and comfortable with the fact that you are this stream..containing positive and negative thoughts and emotions, pleasant and unpleasant sensations.
When you do not try to pretend you are something other than this stream, you feel comfortable with anyone, in any situation.

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