Monday, April 26, 2010

No satisfaction,
in the crumbs I gather,
from your table,
that you missed in a moment of distraction.
I make them my main course,
and live like a hungry ghost,

Won't you give your heart completely ,
in this moment we share?
End a thousand years of hunger,
which I've been serving faithfully.

No satisfaction,
in the shadow of your beauty,
only a faint memory,
a copy of a copy

Won't you be with me completely,
in this moment we must share?
going on like hungry ghosts,
you share my sentence without need.

No satisfaction, in the crumbs I gather
from a shadow of the world I used to live in.
Lift me to a higher plane,
fill me with your attention,
You know we lift each other up.

`Come on to me, with all the life inside you,
I will give you what you need, I know by now I must.'

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