Monday, May 17, 2010

My friend, how we are at the mercy of our emotions.
Sitting here alone I feel love towards you,
waiting to share warm and intimate moments with you.
But who knows what storm will be upon me when we actually meet.
I may very well be cold, distant and angry at you.
I wonder, is it pointless to try to gain any satisfaction from each other?
It seems inevitable that we only share dull empty moments.
That always one of us, if not both us, will be trapped in his inner agony when
we meet.
Could you help find the inspiration to fight this inner agony?
Can you convince me the light at the other end is worth the journey?
How will you convince a slave to revolt against his master?
Can you ensure him will be any happier when he is free?
Perhaps, he will endure a harsh battle, only to end up serving another master,
no better than the first?

The answer comes..
What is always worthwhile in this world?
Any expression of the pure mental qualities:
Strength, truth, love.

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