Sunday, May 30, 2010

The things that with time have become dear to me;
words written on a crumpled page at a moment of despair,
unexpectedly transformed into beauty,
when the soul recognized for a moment how its journey is
leaving its unique mark on an eternal canvas.

A room where mundane lonely boring moments passed. Nothing but
a table, chair and a carpet, will be remembered as a
place of creation and rejuvenation; an important stop on a legendary journey.

A piece of music being heard again and again, without ever being fully grasped,
is understood in hindsight as a Zen koan, not meant to be figured out, but
just to lead the soul in a discovery of something else.

This unique story I am to live. This one reflection out of trillions I am assigned to be..
my truest nature is in that reflection.

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