Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the galaxy circus,
the gods were watching him,
walking on the tight rope stretched from the moon to the sun.
His challenge was not to lose his balance as the heat grew.
It was the test they all passed to become masters of space.

It was a huge effort of mind over matter,
and with each step, the matter of his body
become lighter, less dense.

Though he met the Buddha,
who told him there was nothing but disappointment
outside of this narrow path,
that was not what drove him.

In the back of his mind,
the astral connection he once made
on earth was still guiding his steps.

He fantasized about having only his astral body left,
so that their union could be more real, more complete.

Perhaps it was a trick that the Buddha planted deep in his mind.
For by the time he reached the sun, he saw not one unique angel,
but millions shining equally as bright.

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