Monday, April 01, 2013

Sitting for many hours in a meditation course,
you keep trying to find the comfortable way sit -
an extra cushion on your knee, another cushion to pull your butt up,
then you try less cushions.
Maybe the same thing happens in life on a larger scale -
you try to be with feel trapped, then you try to be with yourself..
after a while you feel lonely.
The basic sense of discontent always finds the place where it can
Like when you sit meditating in a certain posture, there will be some point
on your leg, or behind, or somewhere where there is more pressure being put,
and the physical discomfort can manifest there.
As a friend recently said to me, we need to enjoy the imperfectness of life.
That imperfection always manifests somehow, in any situation, and it is always the doorway through which true dissolvement  of that basic sense of discontent can happen.

It is better to hear it from a master

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