Saturday, December 14, 2013

Did I invent you?
Are you just my imagination?
It's been so long since we met in reality. By now I am like a religious fanatic, believing I am preparing for the day we meet again with no proof that it will come.. perhaps even with some evidence that it won't.

But that belief gives me an extra push of willpower throughout many small junctions during each day.

I come to the office. My instinct is to spend another 20 minutes browsing the web before starting to work.
I feel at first there is no chance I have the energy to avoid that temptation.
But then, sometimes, I think to myself: How will the decision I make at this moment affect how well things go between us if and when we meet in who knows how many years.
Amazingly to me, I find that if I feel making the harder decision will help things go better by 0.1% with a 0.1% probability, I can make the hard choice not only without effort, but with enthusiasm thinking about it as yet another small brick being placed in the construction of this future I dream about.

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