Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I thought today of this analogy: You are stressed out about a friend owing you a few dollars.
Then, you suddenly discover that you have 100,000$ in your bank account that you did not know about.
At that moment, these dollars that your friend owes you seem like not a big issue.
Then again you forget about this money in your account and you are annoyed at your friend and stressed again.
Similarly, I have this feeling of being stressed about not getting enough, or not getting what I deserve.
I now meditate  2 hours in the morning sometimes -  the deeper effect starts only after the first hour so it's a shame to stop there.  After that, at random moments in the day, I have this feeling of having 100,000$ dollars in some spiritual bank account - this feeling of abundance and joy that is deep and independent of external events. And at those moments, things not being as they should externally - not getting the attention you want from a girl, someone in your office that can't stop talking, your room being a mess - are still things that preferably should improved, but are not reasons not to be happy.

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