Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Meditating, it is always a surprise when moments of great peace come.
A certain negativity or defilement is in your mind. You are meditating on it with the
help of the body sensations and the breath. Who knows how long it will stay there..
then at an unexpected moment it dissolves , and you feel the peace underneath it.
The peace that the Buddhist belief says is part of the base of a pure mind -
`base' meaning it is the default state of the mind..  it is what is there when nothing else is generated,
when the negativities that were generated before are washed away.
Makes you think of the possibility of living continuously in that state of peace..
that as I understand it, is what life is like in the Brahmanic plane (if such a thing exists), and
that is only a pale shadow of what Nirvanic peace is like.
But I try not to think to much about these things - that are just abstract fantasies for me -
and focus on what is tangible for me - increasing and intensifying those moments of peace,joy , love ,
dissolving the resentment and the tensions inside of me.

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