Thursday, August 30, 2012

I love the following definition of power - it is inspired by Tonny Robbins and Eric Disco.
Personal power is your ability to take action to make your life better, independently of whatever thoughts and emotions are going through your mind and body.
I feel lonely, I feel the world is against me, I feel fate is against me, karma is against me..
can I still sit and meditate and observe the negativity instead of wallowing in it,
can I see that beautiful girl and go talk to her, rather than wallowing in the thought of
how it is my destiny to be alone.
can I pick up the phone when a friend calls me instead of wallowing in the thought of how I am too introverted to talk right now.
can I pay my bills instead of wallowing in the thought of how it is my destiny to be disorganized and pay all the late penalty fines.
it seems to me too stressful to try to do this all day,
but my experience is that that making one such proactive initiative a day is enough to be happier
for the rest of that day (well.. especially when it's the beautiful girl one)
The way Eric says it
`You cannot make a commitment not to feel certain things or not to think certain thoughts. But you can make a commitment to take small, manageable actions towards becoming the person you want to be.'

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