Friday, August 10, 2012

befriend the pain,
the pain that has controlled you for years.

The pain that men prefer to start wars, conquer a continent ,
start a political revolution, fight with their mother in law, check
their email 200 times a day,
rather than to sit for 5 minutes, and accept, that it is there,
it is part of me... after all these years .. trips .. degrees.. courses..achievements..
experiences.. it is still part of me.
Do  not despair , do not think that accepting it is defeat,
accepting it brings true transformation.. can I be humble enough
to accept that after going from a geeky teenager to a `successful adult'
I am still just at the start of this transformation.. at dealing with emotions that
I have run away from for decades.

How funny it could be if somewhere up there a
soul said to itself
`I need to learn to deal with this emotion..
so I will spend a 100 years in this body so that
sometime in these 100 years.. I will be so tired of
running away from it.. that I will spend 5 minutes
feeling it'

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