Saturday, August 11, 2012

A cool thing that happened to me -
yesterday working on 2 lectures I have to give on Wednesday..
I suddenly feel this incredible agitation, unrest..
before I know it I find myself halfway on the Haifa - Tel-Aviv road
going to dance Contact.
I get there .. see this cute girl.. smile at her
she asks me `Are you Ofer?'
I say `I can be Ofer if you want, and you will be Sharon'..
and we get into this crazy conversation..
I love it when I meet a girl that I feel I can say anything that is on my mind,
and she actually likes the weirdness.. anyway the conversation dies down a bit..
after a while I try to initiate more convo.. but she seems somewhere else..
So I say to  myself `well.. I'm all wrapped up in my sankharas right now
(Pali for mental negativities\defilements ) so nothing good is going to come out of
any action right now , so I may as well do my evening meditation now-
rather than doing it at midnight when I will be falling asleep all the time'
So I sit in the dance studio and meditate.. really feel a lot of junk coming up-
all the times I wanted a girl's attention and did not have it, how that sucks..
Suddenly towards the end of the meditation., while I am sitting with eyes closed she comes next
to me and says `I am going. Do you want my phone number?'

Like Goenkaji says `Dhamma Works!'

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