Monday, March 18, 2013

Same thing every day, every year.
I chase you, and then I run away, run away.

Somehow it's a surprise every time.
I know you, then you're a stranger again.

This time I feel,
could be different.
Cause you know so well,
how to keep me in love with you.

Every time I see your face,
I know you're the demon
whose going to kill me!

I gave you my heart before I was born,
I know you're the arrow
that's going to pierce me!

This year something different I feel,
I chase you, and then you catch me.

Baby let me be your slave!!
Wipe your ass on my forehead after every meal!!!
Don't ever walk around with a dirty ass, Baby.
I'll be the dirty one,
and you'll be my pure angel.

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