Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I really like the end of Matrix Reloaded.
Neo and the others did everything they were supposed to,
they overcame all difficulties and chalenges.
But still, the same problems are there.
Their ship is being attacked and destroyed.
 The centinels are digging, coming to destroy their city.
The same shit as before.
It seems for a moment that all efforts were in vain.
And then, for a moment  Neo stops running away and says
`Wait, something's different'. He sees he does not need
to run away from the centinels, he can  stop them with his mind.

I feel the same sometimes. The same negative emotions come.
Especially mid-afternoon - it seems to be the time of day were I
face the music, and pay emotional consequences of all my decisions.
For a moment it seems nothing has improved..
but a moment later I notice `wait.. something's different'
These emotions dissolve, through the meditation practice,
and through the surprising discovery that I always have you inside of me..
even at dark moments.

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