Thursday, March 21, 2013

I keep listening to these corny pop songs while I work.. always
with headphones..
I just thought how funny it would be if what I was doing was broadcasted
to all offices on the floor..
and people were thinking `Ohh.. again Ariel is listening to Hall of Fame by The Script*'
Wouldn't it be funny if what you thought you were doing in private for a year,
you suddenly discovered was being seen by everyone.
You would want to bury yourself for a moment in some hole..
but a moment later you would stop taking yourself so seriously.

Suppose there are angels above that are really bored..
and anytime you are about to do something embarrassing like hit on a girl,
or masturbate.. a beep goes off. They turn on the screen. And they start rolling from

*Which is of course an *AWESOME* song

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