Monday, December 31, 2012

Something simple you can commit to

Just now I was in the midst of one of my `eat junk while watching junk' episodes..
it's a deep neural pathway carved in me - more the watching junk than eating junk. It's so addictive being in zombie mode. Occaisonally I take a long break when the fear of throwing my life down the drain is strong enough to wake me up for a little while; but usually I am in zombie mode fantasizing about how from tomorrow I will dedicate every moment of my life to worthy causes.
I love the idea of finding something small you can actually commit to - rather than fantasizing about a revolution and feeling guilty about not being able to follow through.
So I asked myself `can I press pause on this movie and stop eating Doritos for the next 5 seconds?'
That was what my mind could commit to at that moment; anything more seemed inconceivable. I think when you are in the midst of a deeply rooted pattern, even a 5 second pattern interupt can really rattle those neurons.

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