Saturday, November 30, 2013

I think a lot lately of the analogy, that we are in a stormy ocean, an ocean of thoughts.
Most of the time we are drowning inside.. and like a fish in water,
we do not know we are in water, we do not know our consciousness is absorbed in this
stream of thoughts.
Once in a while, perhaps with the help of meditation, perhaps by `chance'-
where the Buddhists would claim this `chance' is a result of good mental qualities
developed in the past, our head is above the water.
We are with the reality of this moment, not panicked, not exhausted.
It feels we have `made it' for a second. But the ocean is stormy,
and a huge wave comes - a sexual fantasy, a thought of resentment about
a co-worker\friend\romantic partner that did not act like we wanted him\her to.
For the first second it seems we can keep our head above the water,
not get sucked in; but the pull of the wave reveals its strength more and more.
Like water it flows through any empty space you leave it..
it can come as thoughts about `hahh.. look how I am staying present
and not getting sucked into thought..hmm I am getting so developed..
next time I meet this girl she will feel how much more developed I am..
and then our meeting will go so much better, we will end staying at my place and..'
and after 20 minutes again you wake up for a second.

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