Saturday, November 30, 2013

You get sick, and at the same time there is a clog in the pipes
and your house get's flooded after you take a shower.
You're tired, you're bored.
You start having thoughts like
`maybe I should have kids so my little sister won't have to take care
of me when I'm old'
You listen to the audio version of `the art of living'
by William Hart. A teacher in the Goenka school,
that you even had the privilege to take a course with.
You understand: Only the truth can give real refuge.
The truth of impermanence. The experience of the fact
that `you' are just a collection of a physical process and 4 mental processes
interacting with each other and changing every moment.
You feel the inner body. You see how it feels as good and alive regardless of the
state of the outer body. You see how the happiness of the awareness of impermanence
can be accessed at any moment.

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