Sunday, September 14, 2014

Potential revolution

We are fooled by easy tricks.
Growing up I learned how traditional societies thought of sex as bad\dirty,
and we that are more liberal\enlightened are more open to sex.
It seems sometimes ridiculous that this idea enables you to think of yourself
as liberal\enlightened\intellectual because you are obsessed with perverse sexual ideas.

What would really be revolutionary is perhaps the idea as it is in Buddhism,
that sexuality is actually a source of suffering.
Whether this is right or wrong, if it were true and I would really see this truth,
it is clear that it really would be a revolution.

A freedom, especially for men, from constant stress.

The stress, for most single guys, well at least for me, is unending.

Like in these reality shows like `the voice' , an endless sequence of tests to pass.
After each one a short moment of relief and exhilaration, and then coming back to the same stress.

-Will she be nice to me if I talk to her?
- Will she give me her number?
- Will she answer my message?
- She wants to meet for lunch, I can't make it to lunch. Will she want to meet at 16:30 instead?
Or is it ruined forever cause I can't make it to lunch?
- Will we actually meet at 16:30 or will something get delayed and we'll have to cancel?
Will that meeting I have before get prolonged and then I won't make it and then this chance will be lost forever?


50 tests later if miraculously they all passed.. you are having Sex!

If you knew that the end prize was nothing more than tension in your body,
getting you more and more addicted to this endless chasing, where if you look with a magnifying glass, there is not one actual moment of `making it', not one actual moment of contentment and satisfaction..

Then you would know it is not the end of the world if you meet today or tomorrow,
or in 2 weeks. It is not a matter of life and death If you kiss now, or in a month, or never.
cause in any case `success' is getting more addicted to this sexuality that is just a pair of handcuffs limiting your peace of mind, limiting your ability to enjoy life.

It would even the playing field. You can act around the hottest women like you do around your friend that is nice to get together with, but that you don't care much whether you meet today or next month.

But it seems like the male brain works in a way that you always feel, once I fulfill the sexual fantasy that is in my mind right now I will transition from this state of frustration to real lasting satisfaction.

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