Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hope dies.
You face the `tragedy'.
You are going to die before things work out the way you wanted.
Only in such moments you can truly give the spiritual path a chance.
And such moments are rare, because as shitty as things are, you live in a culture
where you are bombarded with songs, videos talking about the moment you reunite with love,
the moment you find your calling, the moment you create the literary\musical\ect. masterpiece
you were destined to create, the moment you find the perfect shirt,
the moment you find the determination to iron your shirts when they get out of the laundry,
the moment you shave your chest and back hair and get rid of your belly fat, so that you won't need any shirt.

Giving the spiritual path a chance means, instead of trying to fix everything outside that you are not content with, exploring the sense of discontentment as a thing in itself,
seeing how it is there 24 hours a day,
Knowing that your first priority is getting rid of this feeling of discontent.
Knowing it is the thorn stuck inside your skin, that will always distort your enjoyment of a situation, even when it is the situation of your dreams.

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