Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The main moral issue

Procrastinating at work - (Sometimes it's hard to do more than 15 minutes of math at a time) and reading some internet news site.
I saw this article, regarding a debate about whether gay couples in France should have legal rights as parents.
In the article there is a picture of a cute gay couple with their baby at Eurodisney.
I think one reason we enjoy reading about such things is that there is an implied assumption that if we are dealing with a relatively subtle moral issue, a kind of nuance, then we must be pretty enlightened moral people, a relatively enlightened society. Otherwise, we would be dealing we heavier issues, but if this is what the news is talking about, we must already be moral in our dealings with the more basic issues. This gives us a nice pat on the back, a pleasant stroke for our egos.
But this is bullshit!
We are for the most constantly in denial that modern human society runs on a daily basis on the extreme suffering of 99.9% of living beings on the planet - the animals that feed and dress us.
The next revolution, I believe, will be that the only criteria for whether a being should be free from pain, is that it has the ability to feel pain.
Instead of feeling guilty about it, do *one small thing* and feel good.
Use soy milk or rice milk, once a week with your breakfast cereal.
I love the idea of meatless monday.

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