Friday, January 05, 2007

Can we choose in what to succeed?

I've changed my view of this lately. I used to have the opinion that you can set your mind to anything, and since your mind is powerful, you can achieve anything. But lately, I'm doubting the part about being able to set your mind to anything. It seems to me now, that a basic part of you, is already prewired with a certain direction and goal. So if you try to set yourself in another direction, it'll be like setting part of the sails east while the big sail is still set west, which will work partially and produce limited results. Any opinions?


ofer said...

Hi Ariel
Now that i have connected the computer out to a good amplifier/speakers i can listen to tour uploaded files
Dina is the beginning for an arrangement bass-percussian flute
violin whatever
so is the gvulot
and i have begun - thank you
a gmail adventure
with the idea of circulating a blog about a Dream (not political -musical. but idealistic and a two 2-chord experiments
Am -E-E -Am (how mundane...but there's a surprise trumpet. and E - C6
as for the subject - i think to discuss with higher soul - so maybe
the we (better the I) can ask this of the greater soul ( the one with a 900 year perspective. success in one lifetime and than to the next lesson - so innate tendencies might be karmas checking in sparks of the same soul
given a shot at recording some 12 -120 in this river. The question is than: am i in tune with the lesson plan for my actor/creator/incubator/moderator/procrastinator......or????
love you very much
o (fe) r...............or???

Ariel Gabizon said...

Hi Ofer,

Ye, Dina screams for a big arrangement, I hope I find someone with the inate tendency to do it:)
Those who do not know what I'm talking about- check out the song
'For Dina' on my homepage:\~arielg

As for what you wrote after that,
I made great effort to parse it,
but have to admit I lost you in the river part. I'd be happy if you could elaborate.

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