Sunday, July 19, 2015

Being a scientist of life,
rather than being dogmatic,
you see an experiment that goes against your intuition,
again and again.

Whenever you think of a time you got what you desired,
all you feel is a sense of lack of not having it now.

Even more than this, whenever you are in a situation
where your desire is fulfilled, the main thing you feel is stress.

But when you think of an act of generosity or kindness you did,
the good feeling is there forever.

And whenever you simply contact the present,
by being aware of your posture,
or being aware of a feeling on the body,
or being aware of a thought in the mind,
or being aware of your breathing,
or being aware of what you are hearing or seeing  at this moment,
rather than being immersed in your thought process,
you feel a stable, though not exciting, joy,
even though life is not how you dreamed it would be.

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