Monday, July 28, 2014

 I remember seeing a group of ants a few days ago, some of them lifting a piece of food, and others walking around those lifting the food. I thought - maybe one of these ants is thinking `I'm not going to be doing this for long. My life's gonna change. I'm gonna start my own company and leave this shitty job' but looking at him from above, it is so clear he is part of a pattern, maybe he will shift by 1/2% in some direction, but that's it.

I'm thinking lately, we need to get out of this inner conflict, thinking we have to be completely different.
Be a super-social family oriented person when we're not even close to that.
Be a super-athlete, doing flips in the air and being an expert in martial arts, when we could never do a cartwheel or decent somersault.

Just accepts our strengths and weaknesses, accept the path we're heading in, and just stir the 1/2% we have control over in the better direction.

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