Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just before taking a shower, I see an ant in my bathtub.
To save it from the flood to come soon, I take some toilet paper and try to gently
pick it up and move it. It runs away  and I think whether the stress
it's experiencing  from this rescue attempt is not worse than death
in the shower (Maybe the real saints would wait till next morning to check if it is gone
out of it's own free will. Maybe real saints stink and are sticky)
Finally I manage.
And I think if it is not a perfect analogy:
Forces we cannot comprehend, death being one of them, guiding us
to a better place, and we create a nightmare for ourselves by resisting them.
Maybe one of the great challenges is to *trust* life gives us what we need
at every moment.. To resist the instinct, that I feel so strongly in myself, to
hang on to whatever little we have in fear of being left with nothing.
Perhaps life gives the greatest rewards to those who trust and let go -
arghh.. but so hard to do!!

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