Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My Rainbow

Do you want to see what I discovered, when I was buried underground?
I had no choice but to free my soul. I now live on a rainbow up high in the stars.
I am a god, just a small one, with happiness known to few.

I have a few millions years to rest now. I listen to and make divine music,
where I play not with strings, but with atoms in space. As I make
them dance, colors and sounds and emotions dance.

The other young gods glide by occasionally, to have their divine senses entertained.
They feel all the atoms in their subtle bodies vibrate gently in response to the music.
They pick up not just the pitch of sound , but the timbre, the higher frequencies, the structure over time and space, and they see shapes composed of smaller ones that are in turn composed of smaller ones.. up to a million to trillion levels of compositions according to their faculties. They are absorbed in the richness of their experience of shape and light and vibration of atoms, changing with the music.

We play in creativity exploring the finite but almost countless possibilities of our sensual experience, that smoothly yields to every subtle thought and wish arising in our mind.
When we are tired of playing we rest in the deep bliss which is the fruit of our accumulated purities. Lying down under an eternal non-imposing sun we feel the warmth and lightness,
light as a feather, nothing hard or harsh can touch us.

Our heart beats with contentedness, having reached a resting place after so much wandering, pain and tears.

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