Monday, December 21, 2009


An important object of spiritual practice seems to be staying nice and positive while things are shitty. I view this from a karmic - or the more cooler Pali kammic - view point, as being about not being tempted to sow more bad seeds, because of a present bad harvest. I have been feeling sick and very crappy for a few days now, and find how far back I am in this respect - deteriorating up to cutting in line for the nurse in front of a woman with a crying baby (well it was my turn, but the nurse seemed to think the baby crying gives the mom a right to be first).
But like everything it is just practice and later when I was in line to by a chocolate croissant,
there were no babies in front of me.
Of course, it should not be just repression - but true positivity - in case of repression maybe it is better to yell at old people cutting in line for the doctor.

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