Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Impressions from Canada

Hello Everyone,

Tired from writing individual replies to all my fans, I have decided to make a strategic low-effort collective response.
So what's it like in Canada?
In Canada there are a lot of trees, and also a lot of Starbucks's.
Since I don't have a camera, here are some representative pictures from the net:



I currently live in the neighbourhood where all trees are, but occasionally take the skytrain to the
neighbourhood where all the starbucks's are:

However, I currently have a problem at the place where I'm staying, as the couple I'm staying with are not giving me any drawer space in the bathroom, claiming they need all the bathroom drawers to store toilet paper.
I also suspect they are trying to kill me.

Anyway, I am soon moving to another neighbourhood with few trees and only one starbucks. We'll see how that goes...


Chandan Dubey said...

Your sense of humor is improving. Getting more cynical I see.

Ariel Gabizon said...
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