Friday, January 18, 2008

Striking Commercial

Hey You!,

Can't decide whether to take a long vacation, work a bit more and save more money, or even work harder to get a raise?

What if you could take a fully financed vacation for an unlimited period of time and get a raise when you finally decide to get back to work?

Sound too good to be true? Not at all! We introduce.... STRIKING!!

Originally intended for low class workers working under inhumane conditions, striking is now available to everybody!

Before you say 'no, striking will never work for me', answer these questions:

Do you have control over any important resource such as electricity, water or life saving medicine?

Are there thousands, or better yet, hundreds of thousands of people who will be affected in someway if you stop doing your job?

Will temporary cessation of your livelihood result in discomfort\irritation\injury\disease or death of many pepole?

Then you have all it takes to be a striker!

Have you ever asked yourself 'why is my salary signifcantly smaller than the national budget?'. Never seemed fair, did it? Well, striking is just the solution for you! In fact, the national budget is the only limit to what you can earn through striking!

STRIKING IS POWER! Tired of being just another average guy? Want to make a difference? With striking you can easily disrupt the lives of thousands of people!

Order now and you'll get the CONTINENT BOOSTER! Destroy entire continents with amplified strike power!

Not convinced? Listen to these testominals:

Ex-convict: "I used to rob stores and banks. It was nice for a while, but I'd get arrested and put in jail every now and then, and I had alot of stress at work in general. I always felt it could be better if I could do things by the book. Now with striking, I just take money from people for some alleged service they want to recieve, and then I just go on stike! and the best thing is that it's 100% legal!"

Government employee: "The best thing about striking is that it's simple! You just go through your regular schedule, and take out the things that could potentially help someone.'

Start your strike today, while national resources last!

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Chandan Dubey said...

Did you write this ? If yes, wow.

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